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Hello to all my users of this website.

I would like to start a blog about how and why you use your computer.

From the basic use to email & web surfing gaming and much more.

Can't find an answer to a problem search it on Google, Youtube is very good for the do-it yourselfer.

Take FREE online classes. Tutorials are in abundance.

The easiest way to see your question answered is to merely fill out the form on the contact us page.

I will show your question and be able to answer it for you and all our users.

I look forward to seeing your comments and thoughts.

Here's a helpful hint when backing up your files:

It is not necessary to backup your Operating System.

Here is a list of the files: 

My Documents

My Music

My Pictures

My Videos

What you don't need to backup. You would have to re-install these anyway.

Windows OS

Many of you are new users to Windows 10. 

A hard drive repair tip: If for some reason your hard drive should fail and all you have is the Win 10 update installed. If You have not created a backup prior to your crash. You will unfortunately will have to reinstall the Operating System.

This simply means you will have to purchase the OS disc to reinstall the Windows 10 program. The cost is $120.00

You aught to be informed also about backing up you PC's and Laptops. The files need to be backed up are usually text files, document files and pictures.

If no back up is performed you will also need a disc to reinstall Windows and you will have lost your files in the case of a system crash.

If however you did manage to make a back up copy of your operating system. Please be aware that it can only be reinstalled from the computer that has crashed.

Win 10 cannot be put on any other computers due to system driver issues with the motherboards.

If you should need further information regarding this issue please feel free to call me.

Here are a few Tips & Tricks to help you make your Win 10 easier to use. Feel free to express your like and dislike when using Win 10.